5 required steps for running reform

Step 2 - Dividing the competences between the local self-governance bodies of different levels

Competences most vital for peoples’ life should be transferred to the power level closest to them. 

Competences within the community:

  • Preschool and school education
  • Primary medical care and first aid
  • Utilities
  • Public safety and order
  • Fire department
  • Social protection

Competences within raion:

  • Specialized school education
  • Sport schools, boarding schools etc.
  • Secondary medicine, general hospitals

Competences within the region:

  • Vocational schools
  • Specialized medical care, oncology centers, cardio-centers  and others  Regional development planning реження
  • Natural resources preservation
  • Roads and other components of regional infrastructure

Excessive competences at the oblast’ or regional level lead to the decline of the local self-governments. Therefore the life of local communities will be bad.